The Revivify Process

The Highest Quality Vehicle Coating Offering Total Surface Protection!
Three Steps to The Perfect Revivify Coating Application!

01. Paint Correction
1. First step is the paint correction process. It’s important to prep the paint prior to the Revivify coating process. We first need to remove paint defects, swirls, and scratches and as many other paint imperfections as we can. This is very important to ensure the paint has shine, gloss, and depth.
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02. Stripping The Paint
2. The second step is to be sure the paint is stripped of any residue, oils, and left-over polish by using 250 degrees of steam to clean the paint. Then a final, light alcohol wipe to ensure the paint is 100% residue free and ready for the application of the Revivify Coating.
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03. Coating Application
3. The third step is the application and leveling process of our Revivify Protective Coating product. After the initial application of our Revivify Coating, it’s the actual art, talent and experience that separates our professionally trained and certified applicators with the leveling process. This is to be sure our customers end up with a very thick and generous layer of our Revivify Coating for many years of paint and other hard surface protection.
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